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Fred Forest, surely the most famous French contemporary artist in Brazil, will be very present in regards to the Year of France in Brazil, with five leading projects endorsing the official labelling.  Fred Forest, uncontested innovator in different domains ( Video-art, press experiences, telephone, radio, television, internet , second life…) has obtained the Communication Great Prize at the XIIth Biennale of  Sao Paulo  in 1973. Because of his contestation and repeated criticism against the military government in place at the time, he is being arrested by the political police and put into the DOPS, a torture department  sadly known. This historical action still accounts for a great popularity until today.


He participates then, between 1975 and 2006, to a lot of private and public exhibitions at the MAC of Sao Paulo, Itau Cultural, Paço das Artes, Memorial Fund of Latin America, Modern Art museum of Rio and numerous university symposium. As a State P.H.D Doctor  of La Sorbonne, he is a theorist and co-founder of two international artistic movements: sociological art ( 1974) and the aesthetic of communication ( 1983):


Here are the presented projects :  

1-“Experimental artistic and social laboratory of the Territory” on Second Life, MAC  ( Museum of Contemporary art), Parc Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, starting April 22 2009)  

Fred Forest has created on Second Life a virtual laboratory and ideas laboratory aiming to deal , through dialogue and participation,  with society problems which are a challenge for the human specie survival on the planet. As a avatar, the internet surfers around the world will be able to go from a distance on the premises and contribute to the research. The infrastructures set up  by the artist are both entertaining and efficient. ( Support: Capucine.net , Fondation Cartier for contemporary art).

SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Conway%203/71/40/27 

2-Biennale 3000 from April 29rd, 2009, UNESP

Together with the Official Biennale of Sao Paulo, Fred Forest, in 2006, disrupting the traditional functioning  network of culture, and anticipating, as a visionary artist, has proposed a new form of Biennale adequate to our world deeply transforming.  This experimental biennale, without physical place, without curators, without budget, without selection and of  planetary dimension, has revealed a lot of talents. Today, Fred Forest presents all of the work and videos made, and, because of its success, launches it again with  a new graphic chart integrating the latest technologies in Web2. ( web site creation Gustave Bernier and René Pérol). - FRED FOREST PERSONAL EXHIBITION Galeria do Instituto de Artes de Unesp com o Professor Milton Sogabe, la " Biennale 3000 " com Gustave Bernier e René Pérol

(vernissage on April 29 th at 10:00 a.m.) 


3-Fred Forest symposium  30 April 2009 on the theme «  sociological art and aesthetic of communication », University of Sao Paulo conducted by Professor Gilberto Prado, April 2009 

4-Fred Forest symposium 5 th May 2009 on the theme art and communication

Seminário de Pesquisa do PPG Artes Visuais-UFRGS Porto Alegre conducted by Professor Sandra Rey, installation in situ and on Second Life, Cyber-ego is a mythical and collective entity which invites the public to a poetical reflexion on the meaning of our life and the values to promote to save the world and our own life from the global disaster. (Support: Capucine.net , Fondation Cartier for contemporary art). Translation Sandra Rey 

5-Fred Forest symposium  7 May 2009 university Brasilia conducted by Professor  Suzete Venturrelli